Ton made a post recently about federated bookshelves, sparked by a post from Tom. It’s an idea that Gregor has done a good bit of thinking about from an IndieWeb perspective.

Book recommendations is something I’m always interested in. At base, all it needs is a feed you can follow just of what people have been reading. I’ve set up a channel in my social reader called ‘Good Reads’, and subscribed to Ton’s list of books, as the sci-fi focus looks right up my street. If anyone else has a feed of read books, let me know!


I am keeping my own list of books I’ve read in my wiki – sadly not marked up in any useful way at present – something for me to do there.

One thought on “Read feeder”

  1. Looking at your wiki booklist, seeing your mention of the Garden of the Forking Paths (what a fantastic title!), and then the Wikipedia page mentions a more recent hypertext version published by Eastgate. Eastgate’s Mark Bernstein I met in the early days of blogging, and I’ve been using his (Mac only) tool Tinderbox since then as a primary tool for outlining, mapping and reworking notes.

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