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I’ve been keeping Zettelkasten style notes in Obisidian for about a week now, and this morning I made the first new connection between some of my notes / thoughts. It was a bit of a ‘well duh’ realisation, but one I never made explicit for myself before even if in hindsight it is obvious those…

That’s great. I hear lots of good things about Obsidian. How did the connection happen? (I’m very interested in constellation formation!)

Obsidian constellation

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  1. I was entering notes from a 2010 presentation slide deck, when I realised what I was phrasing (about MakerHouseholds, looking at the home as a productive unit rather than a residence only) was a similar yet slightly different take on something more recent that was already in the notes (groups of people in context acquiring networked agency), shifting the perspective from the home (MakerHousehold) to the group (family, cohabitants) and vice versa.

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