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  1. @neil I read the article, and agree with a lot of it, but they are missing something that is hinted at in their final statements:”in a word, capitalism.”if post-open source wants to not die the same death, it will need to explicitly and aggressively fight its greatest existential threat.”I see lots of anti-capitalist communities creating and/or adopting their own software.If they can’t get at the code, they will fail.Call it what you want.Non-dominium agreements might work…

  2. @neil I think the death of FOSS is greatly exaggerated. Mostly by people who really wish it was dead, and that they could exploit users in peace. Many of the world’s biggest software corporations are in that number. And they tend to look for unexpected ways to put their message out.

  3. @lightweight I think this misrepresents who is saying FOSS is dead.I say FOSS is dying, rapidly, because of its stubborn insistence that it exist within settler-colonialism, and its outright hostility to anything else.I have no interest in having users, let alone exploiting them. I have an interest in not transitioning exploitation from one group of unelected colonists to another. From where I sit, capitalist or FOSS doesn’t matter, both exist only to live inside capitalism.Until open-source folk take a firm stance against that, like @bhaugen says, the field will continue to die, just like every part of colonialism.Ironically, your construction of the issue, which erases the outside world in favor of “open-source v corporate exploiters,” plays into the exact sorta habits that mean FOSS people mis-perceive their environment.@neil

  4. @emsenn Seen (or created) any anti-colonialist software?I asked in another thread, but am pretty sure than colonialism and capitalism started up together,But I can imagine anti-capitalism that is still white chauvinist…now that colonialism and white chauvinism have been embedded, they won’t necessarily stop at the end of capitalism. @lightweight @neil

  5. @emsenn @bhaugen @neil Colonialism and capitalism have shaped the current playing field. Free Software (my allegiance) is a movement built on stubborn adherence to principles. I lack respect for the OS movement due to its explicit alignment with capitalist incentives, which in turn benefit those descended from the beneficiaries of colonialism rather than everyone else.

  6. @emsenn @bhaugen @neil also, the author of the Post Open Source essay who claims they want to not think about their OS and have their computer “just work” & therefore they use Windows… does a whole lot to undermine their cred. I’d suggest the righteous disowning &/or deflecting responsibility for real things they depend on is a part of the capitalist “I’ll pay to retain my ignorance of things I completely depend on because I can afford it.” Even if part of the price is my freedom.

  7. @neil It is not like FOSS is dead as in “doesn’t exist anymore”. However in my opinion as a movement it loses ground.It won’t ever be really dead as long as someone does it. However let’s admit that very very few people are actively living FOSS ideas (or even have clear understanding of them) these days.A lot of points in the article are valid.

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