+ A good chunk of my notes were [[climate change]] related.
+ [[The People vs Climate Change]], [[The Insect Crisis]], [[People like wind power]].
+ I’m starting adding notes from day-job related readings to my digital garden. e.g. [[The era of fixing your own phone has nearly arrived]].
+ It’s interesting to see some developments around [[manufacturers and the right to repair]]. Recent announcements from Samsung and Google on spare parts.
+ There is mention of [[repair and reuse in the IPCC Sixth Assessment Report]] part 3. I feel happy that my day-job is in an area that is part of the picture of mitigation of climate breakdown.
+ Despite what I’d read in previous summaries, there is more to the report than just "renewable energy, electric vehicles, low-carbon technology." Reducing consumer demand and changing industry practices is included for example.
+ I liked learning about [[energy storage]]. It seems key to a green future.
+ I liked learning about [[Climate Action Plan for Councils]]. I feel a local, municipal approach holds great promise for effecting change. It obviously needs to join to a national and global effort too.
+ E’s birthday was successfully orchestrated. We had a lovely weekend away in [[Ambleside]].
+ I’m still reading [[Cybernetic Revolutionaries]]. Need to type up some notes – maybe today.

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