Reading a bit more on [[Climate Action Plan for Councils]] via [[Climate Action Plan Explorer]]. I like the checklist of actions they have for councils.

Also reading up on the upcoming [[Changes to councils in Cumbria]].

And finding a few climate-oriented organisations in Cumbria, like [[Cumbria Action for Sustainability]] and various local XRs. Need to look at it in a bit more detail but [[Zero Carbon Cumbria]] seems to have a checklist similar to the one from Climate Action Plan for Councils.

Apple have published their latest environmental progress report – [[Apple 2022 Environmental Progress Report]].

[[Restart]] have launched our [[Fixing Factory]] in Brent.

[[decentralised manufacture]].

Had a nice chat with Dan about [[org-roam]], [[zettelkasten]], and brainstorming a way to publish a collaborative [[digital garden]] he’s working on.

Attended the [[ Spring 2022 Strategy Session]] which was nice.

On the personal side, I’m trying to get in the habit of doing morning pages in a handwritten journal. It’s going well so far – a good mental health practice.

Reading leaflets from local councillors for the [[2022 Westmorland and Furness Council election]].

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