Read this article: [[First and Third World Ecosocialisms]].

Looks at some recent debate around ecosocialism. Specifically Matt Huber and Kai Heron. Finds merit and issue in both.

Pro with Huber: goal of appeal to the working class. Issue with Huber: usual problems with ecomodernism.

Pro with Heron: Anti-imperialism. Issue with Heron: Third Worldism, I think – i.e. the idea that working class in ‘First World’ are not part of an international proletariat.

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  1. What’s his synthesis? Not 100% clear (to me), but seems to likes the appeal to the working class argument and the Green New Deal. Anti-imperialist, but finds Third Worldism unconstructive. Seems not enamoured with state and party form. Likes democracy in work and in community, base-building, networked protest. Evokes Rosa Luxemburg, William Morris, Gilets jaunes. So: seems for an ecology of organisational forms.

  2. @neil My sense is very much that a lot of what animated the #giletsjaunes was white populist ressentiment of technocrats, leavened by some romantic anticapitalism, and in any event tending rapidly toward Great Replacement-esque narratives and the usual antisemitic conspiracy tropes. Large movement, many voices, etc. etc., but that was the distinct impression I got from my visits to France in that time.

  3. @neil In American terms, anyway, the sentiments being expressed often felt closer to things Iโ€™d hear Tea Party people say than anything Iโ€™d associate with, say, Occupy. Hard to make accurate cross-cultural comparisons, of course, and I reemphasize that this is only my perceptionโ€ฆbut that is what I perceived.

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