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  1. @adamgreenfield It does seem to have some central / top-down infrastructure these days (always?), like the website, time keeping software, etc. But those are all pretty useful. It does have companies and ‘partners’. But of course each local group is entirely a local initiative, and there’s no parkrun tithe you have to pay to HQ (AFAIU). The governance looks a bit top down, could be nice if it were a bit more federalist. https://www.parkrun.com/governance/ Gets me out for a run each week though

    The Organisation

  2. @adamgreenfield Nice! I used to go to Burgess Park before moving away from London, loved itThat balance/tension is really interesting. Seen similar things with community repair, transition towns, etc etc too. Local groups spring up autonomously, some kind of banding together/network forming occurs, the networks brings shared resources and benefits, but gets a bit too centralised, starts to lose connection to the grass roots, splinters occur…Would love info on how to walk that line.

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