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The resilience of centralised networks and the political organisation of their owners remains significantly underestimated by protocol activists. At the same time, the decentralised networks and the communities they serve have never been more vulnerable. The peer-to-peer community is dangerously unprepared for a crisis-fuelled future that has very suddenly arrived at their door.

h/t @Aadil
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A WordPress theme based on a Commonplace Book.

Very cool to see that Piper Haywood is working on a WordPress theme based on commonplace books.

This is a simple, translation-ready WordPress theme that came about after conversations with designer Bec Worth about the usefulness of a Commonplace Book and what it could feel like on the web.

A work-in-progress, but I really liked Piper’s previous Notebook theme, so I’m excited to see this new theme evolve, especially given my interest in commonplace books.

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If you are looking for an open source alternative to Roam Research, TiddlyWiki is your best bet. Because it’s self-hosted—meaning you keep your data private—it may seem a bit more daunting to get started. So here is a guide which will take you from complete beginner to completely in love …

Using TiddlyWiki as an alternative to Roam.
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It’s a new decade, time to leave Google Analytics. A big part of me wants to say screw it, just get rid of analytics altogether. But I find it

Looks like a really useful post by Piper Haywood on moving to Matomo.

I don’t currently have any analytics on my own personal website – I’m much more interested in genuine active interactions than shaped passive interactions. I kind of feel like passive analytics, visitor counts, etc, in a personal context, can feed into the performative aspect of the web. Like, "this post did better, I should write more like this". Losing some of your own voice to serve the numbers.

That said, in an organisational context, analytics can be very useful. "This visitor genuinely wanted to learn more about us, but struggled because X". And I would really like to not use Google. So I might have a play with Matomo on my own site and see if we could use it at work.

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Social media in 2019 is a garbage fire.

What started out as the most promising development in the history of the Web – the participation of users in the creation of content and online dialogue at scale – has turned into a swamp of sensation, lies, hate speech, harassment, and noise.