A total galaxy brain for me just now with regards to progressive summarisation. I’ve realised that just by virtue of having ‘layer 0’, the source text, as part of the progressive summarisation process – I feel less bad about having hundreds of unread articles saved in Wallabag. I feel good about it in fact! It’s the first step of note-taking – I know I have source material on the topic to come back to, recommended by someone I trust, when this topic comes back into my focus. I can dig deeper into it then if I want.

This is very positive. I had started to think of the wealth of information out there on the web as information overload. But now I can go back to thinking about it as an amazing resource, to be tapped into when needed.Β  (AKA opportunistic compression).

I’m reflecting on my information strategy and how to improve it at the moment. Here’s the intro post to that, giving a bit of context.

In this particular post I’m going to chat specifically about discovery, AKA using the Intertubes to find out about interesting things. I can’t help but call my strategy for this my discostrat, apologies for that. I’ll talk a bit about how I’ve had it set up for a while, and some recent tweaks I’ve made to it, and maybe some ways I want to improve it more.

Photo by Vale Zmeykov on Unsplash

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