Quoted Into the Personal-Website-Verse by Matthias Ott (Matthias Ott – User Experience Designer)

Also, don’t hesitate to write about little ideas and observations that might seem too small or unimportant to share. We all have our unique perspectives and even the smallest experience is worth sharing.

This is so true.  Everyone brings a different perspective.  The view of someone completely new to a topic always shines new light.
Quoted Europe just voted to wreck the internet, spying on everything and censoring vast swathes of our communications (Boing Boing)

The copyright extremists have told us that internet freedom is the same thing as piracy. A generation of proud, self-identified pirates can’t be far behind. When you make copyright infringement into a political act, a blow for freedom, you sign your own artistic death-warrant.

Can’t help but feel that this is one set of laws that, in answer to Thoreau’s question, surely must be transgressed, en masse.