Read Protect the planet with these sustainable and repairable phones (Android Central)

A modular phone lets you connect accessories to add new features make it even better. Here are the best choices right now.

Good article on ethical/repairable options for smartphones.  Of course the most ethical phone is the one you already have, but… good to see some interest in the repairability of newer phones.  Teracube is interesting with their very reasonable flat fee for repairs for 4 years.

Read The Circular Economy Blueprint paves the way for a Right to Repair in Europe by Chloé Mikolajczak (

The European Commission’s Circular Economy Action Plan unveiled today hits all the right notes to make ‘right to repair’ a reality in Europe. Promises will now need to be matched with concrete initiatives.

Right to Repair was included in the European Commission’s Circular Economy Action Plan.  This is great news – first steps towards making repair commonplace in Europe (again…)

Read New report! How ecodesign & energy labelling can prevent premature obsolescence of laptops (ECOS – European Environmental Citizens Organisation for Standardisation)

The proliferation of electronic devices which are difficult to repair and whose lifespans are shortening, contributes to one of the fastest growing waste streams in the EU.

Long live the machine – a great policy paper on things that the EU could do to force manufacturers to make laptops last longer.

Today I learned about ‘chip creep’ that used to happen on older PCs: a chip working its way out of a socket over time as it expanded and contracted from heating and cooling. And that a quick way to fix a motherboard with lots of creeping chips was to gently drop it on the table.